The Media Center Show #97 – Todd Headrick on Windows Home Server

Thursday again, so that means it's time for the Media Center Show podcast. This time up is Todd Headrick from the Windows Home Server team. I've mentioned before my own personal dissapointment that there wasn't more integration with MCE on this, but nonetheless, it can still be a useful OS to backup & host your files. Here are the show notes:

Show Times:

00:40 Welcome to
01:37 Coming up this week
02:28 New Blogs for Developers, Media Center Expert and gadgets
03:24 New RSS feeds and OPML
04:00 New Forums
04:30 Send in your feedback
04:47 Get the show via RSS,email, flash player or iTunes
05:08 Bumper Giveaway!! Listen to show for more details
06:15 Comments about Show #95 DVB-S
07:48 HD over DVB-T, I got it wrong!
09:00 Forum Post of the week winner
09:22 Sideshow Remotes from Chris Lanier
10:00 Chris' views on Extender devices
10:55 A Message from Onevoice
12:00 Welcome to Todd Headrick
12:27 Background on Windows Home Server
15:46 Windows Home Server features, link to the forums
17:40 The Backup features
20:17 How the backup works with multiple machines
22:20 Restoring backup data
27:40 Shared storage
29:20 Remote access to stored data
31:30 Remote desktop connections to your home
33:00 Windows Home Server SDK
38:56 Sync Toy
40:09 Network Health Monitor
43:15 Folder duplication is it RAID?
48:50 How the storage works
51:00 User accounts
54:16 Can you use Roaming Desktops?
54:55 Networked TV Tuners?
56:50 Form factors
59:10 Time frames
59:38 Checkout the Windows Home Server blog , and the forums dedicated to Windows Home Server on too
01:00:00 Thanks to Todd
01:01:00 Get in touch see you next week

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