Have Questions About Windows Media Center or Team…?

Charlie Owen has a post in his blog welcoming questions about Windows Media Center and the MCE Team! Here is you chance to ask a MS employee about whatever is on your mind! Since this post there has also been a couple of follow up response to questions posed to him.

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Leave your question as a comment for this post — I'll answer one per comment in the order in which they are posted. If you leave more than one question per comment, I'll answer your first one and ignore the rest to give everyone a chance to ask. I'll shoot for one per week, but may be more or less depending on my bandwidth and how involved the questions or answers become.

The first question answered by Charlie was.. Can you clarify the relationship between Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center? Microsoft has to make this work with MCE! MCE is in desperate need of a client/server architecture!!!!!!!!!!!!

Retrosight Blog

Windows Home Server: Helping families with multiple PCs connect their digital experiences, providing a familiar and reliable way to store, access, share and automatically protect what is most important. *Windows Media Center: Helping families enjoy the digital experiences stored on the PC from the comfort of their couch or in other rooms of the house with an intuitive and easy to use interface.In other words, two separate products with goals that are highly complementary to each other. Based on what little I saw today they will each benefit *immediately* once Windows Home Server ships. Longer term, I believe we will see the two product teams collaborating more — perhaps even creating features unique to the intersection of Windows Media Center + Windows Home Server. After the presentation today I'm definitely going to replace my Windows Server 2003 box here at home with a Windows Home Server and start playing around to find the synergies and goodness.