Codename Fiji: Next Version of Media Center?

Chris pointes out that Charlie Owen, a member of the MCE Team, got in a little hot water for pointing out some of the features that maybe in the next version of Vista MCE. The blog post in question has since been wiped clean with the only evidence of it at a ZDNET blog. Nothing to interesting really but he did give some information about timing for the next verion. Chris goes on to ask the community what features they would like to see in the next iteration of MCE.

ZDNET blog link:

The timeline Owens "inferred" (from his pulled post, which I'm glad to have captured before Owens trashed it):"Our next version (of Media Center) is yet another out of band release and (generally speaking) the team is pretty happy about that because it allows us to get back on our (approximate) yearly schedule of delivering goodness to customers (it was a major feat of engineering load balancing for us to be simultaneously working on 'Emerald' and 'Diamond' at the same time – a story for some other time)."

Chris' Blog Post:

Here's mine, what if we see Fiji target release date for Q4 2007/Q1 2008? Holiday Season 2007 is the now said date for v2 Extenders to be on the market (actually, between now and Holiday Season 2007). This would mean Extenders should be on the market, and AACS should hopefully be finished with Managed Copy support (clearly pushed back because of AACS problems). CableCARD PC's should have dropped a bit in price by then, just in time for that big Holiday rush.