HDTV Basics

Still don't know much about High Definition TV? Well, apparently there are still a few out there 😛 so DenGuru takes the guessing out of it. I say if you have questions you should just ask in our forums, some of these guys have more knowledge about this stuff than they know what to do with (not me though, I just give Fantasy Football advice :-P)

We've been waiting over a decade for HDTV, and now that it's finally
available, there's as much confusion in the marketing as there is
clarity in the images. If you're won over by the promise that your
favorite films and sports will wow you all over again, and you buy a
new TV with an HD-ready sticker on it for Christmas, how much more will
you need before you actually see an HD image on the screen? Here's the
current state of the game.

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