Controlling your home theater: Denon’s AVR-2307CI

Holiday Gadget Guide has a quick little write up on the new Denon home theater receiver. Fair warning, not the most in-depth, detailed review for you audiophiles, but it's a good summary for those interested in just learning a bit more from an opinion standpoint. After a while of everyone talking about using HTPCs as your whole stereo, it's good to see manufacturer's trying to step it up & include new features to not make them obsolete.

If you’ve got an existing home theater (the Denon unit doesn’t come
with speakers) and you’d like to step into the 21st Century, you can’t
go wrong with the Denon AVR-2307CI. It will power the highest tech TVs
and take inputs from HD-DVD and Blu-ray players, multiple video game
systems, and almost anything else you can throw at it. Thanks to the
optional iPod dock, if you run or drive with your iPod, you can hit
pause, walk into your home, drop it in the dock and continue playing
right where you left off in full home theater sound.

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