Barcode Scanner To Track Your DVDs and Books

If your organizational tendencies lean towards the Monica end of the scale, the Flip UPC Barcode scanner is for you. Bad Friends references aside, for a measily $100 you can keep track of all your codes and upload them into a media management software. For that kind of green I would want it to download the album art, lyrics and tag my media with a GPS locator so I knew who I lent my DVDs to.

From the article:

The Flic barcode scanner can be used with your software to quickly catalog your entire DVD/CD library. Instead
of typing in lengthy UPC codes, just press the single button on the Flic scanner
while holding it next to the UPC barcode. Scan up to 500 UPCs at once, then let
your software do the rest! Includes serial cable. Requires 3 AAA
batteries (not included), Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and 9-pin RS-232 serial