Arcam reveals new flagship upscaling DVD player

Arcam's newest upscaling player aimed for the high end market will retail for 1800 pounds. With this price you would expect a feature set to rival anything on the market and it no doubts comes through. I'll list a few below but you will have to click through to see the rest.

From the article:

* cutting-edge video technology using the latest generation Zoran Vaddis 888S core processing engine
* ABT1010 10 bit video scaler to 720p, 768p, 1080i, 1080p, from Anchor Bay
* broadcast quality ABT102 video deinterlacer
* quality bad edit detection and 'any format' cadence processing
* twin audiophile-grade toroidal transformers for audio
* unique Arcam 'Mask of Silence' electro magnetic damping technology
unique Arcam tri-laminate damped SDS (Sound Dead Steel) chassis – The
DV139 uses the unique FMJ tri-laminate SDS chassis, to mechanically
separate the electronic circuits from internal or airborne vibration.
Arcam's 'Mask of Silence' damps EMC. Twin audiophile-grade toroidal
transformers, give delicate audio signals a completely separate power
supply from the digital and video parts. Optimized circuit board layout
and a wealth of subtle tweaks stem from Arcam's long history of cutting
edge DVD and Hi-fi design.