Time Warner to launch ‘Start Over’ cable service on Monday

You know, I was gonna knock this when I first heard about it, but think of how innovative Time Warner is being here. Sure it's awful they won't allow fast forwarding, but I can't count how many times people with little knowledge of PVR's have CRAVED being able to view a show from the beginning that they remembered to record late. 

While Start
Over lets viewers rewind and pause programs, they cannot fast-forward
or use Start Over to skip commercials.

And, initially, only a portion of Time Warner's programming can be restarted.

The company must negotiate agreements with the networks it carries and
with content producers like Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema before it
can make shows Start Over-enabled. 

Combine Start Over with your DVR, and you seem to have all your bases covered. That is, if those will still work. Read the rest here.