Tech Simplicity to Drive Connected Homes

Of course I am going to post a story if it agrees with my opinions. The Connected Home is still early on in its adoption, significantly behind even a basic Home Theater which daunts many of a technophobe. The article goes on to say, if the tech of making your house work as one continues to be a custom only job, it will never catch on.

Of course, I agree 100%, I am very surprised there is not a common technology platform out there. Using Media Extenders and the Media Center platform has certainly made it more accessible to the general public, but its still not an ideal solution. Joe Schoe can't go out to best buy and buy a  couple of light controls, a wireless thermostat and have them communicate on a standard interface. I think I smell a rant blogpost coming up.

From the article:

An estimated 4 million "connected homes" are already set up in this
country–those with Wi-Fi networks with connected devices like a PC, TV, set-top
box, personal video recorder, and so on–and that number is expected to grow
exponentially in the next five years. It won't, though, if consumers are forced
to study up on an alphabet soup's worth of acronyms to consume the content they
want, [vice president of TV properties for Orb Networks Herve] Utheza said.