Panasonic PT-AX100 vs. Sanyo PLV-Z5

What can only be described as a battle of epic proportions as seen at the Roman Coliseum, Projector Central stages a battle to the death between the Panny PT-AX100 and the Sanyo PLV-Z. The article does a great job of comparing performance, not just taking a look at the spec sheet. An example of this is the AX100U's ability to reduce the screen door affect, and a comparison of how the native resolution does not necessarily mean both projectors can resolve the same amount of lines.

From the review:

big of a deal is this? If you plan to view a very large image from a
close distance, say a 120" diagonal picture from a distance of ten
feet, you will see some subtle pixelation in the Z5 image that won't be
there on the AX100U. It will be most apparent in white text, rolling
credits, and subtitles, and will usually not be noticed in the video
image itself. If you move back to a viewing distance of thirteen feet,
the pixel structure in the Z5's image pretty much goes away since it is
difficult to see details that small from that distance. Personally, the
Z5's pixel structure does not bother me at all, but for those who are
hypersensitive to pixel structure and who plan to sit close to the
screen, the AX100U is better at eliminating this artifact.