Sony VPL-VW50 (Pearl) Review

Believe it or not, Sony has a pretty decent deal going with its $5k 1080p projector. Not too long ago, you were looking at a minimum of $10k for a 1080p front projector. Between the two modes, you can expect between 500 and 900 lumens brightness. Not stellar, but you won't want to turn the lights on during your Lord Of The Rings-athon.

From the article: 

This whisper quiet operation comes at a cost however. Sony was rather
ingenious with the airflow design of the Pearl, I have to imagine that part of
the reason the Pearl is as quiet as it is, boils down to how the exhaust is
funneled out of the front of the projector through vents rather than just being
pulled through the case by large exhausts fans. The low whir of exhaust noise
doesn’t get louder as you scan your ear from front to back, or side to side but
the escaping heat is noticeably hotter than the relative warm air emanating from
typical projectors.