Sharp’s very, very sharp experimental screen

The future is here, and it involves a lot more pixels then your 1080p you just spend your paycheque on. Sharp has managed a 4096 by 2160 resolution on a 64 inch LCD. They are going to have to film Katie Couric from a half a mile away now :o. Other experimental screens include a TV with a million to one contrast ratio.

From the article: 

The company is using the show to emphasize its role in the screen world.
In August, Sharp formally began producing LCD panels out of its second
Kameyama plant. The plant processes eighth-generation glass sheets,
which measure just over 7 feet by 8 feet. Six 52-inch LCDs can be
popped out of a single sheet. The smaller glass sheets processed in
sixth- and seventh-generation plants can only produce two and three
52-inch panels, respectively, out of a single piece of glass.