U-verse Upgrade

I would imagine I am going to be stuck without IPTV for some time, however, those who are lucky enough to have U-verse in their area can expect a nice upgrade to the services they have been receiving. The lucky few will be getting HDTV, more channels, VOD, Games, Photos and a few other unamed features.

From the article:

More information on these featuers will be made available in the following weeks.

The network upgrades will occur between 11pm and 5am to minimize any
service interuptions. The upgrade is also going to affect the DVRs. On
Oct 5, all previously recorded program will be deleted, and you will
need to reschedule any scheduled recordings.

Service interuptions are always a pain, but I am glad AT&T is
choosing to notify everyone in advance as that makes the interuptions
more acceptable.

Read the letter for yourself here. We will provide you with more information as soon as it becomes available.