Samsung HL-S5679W

We are a bit top heavy on display news today, but I guess thats how the cookie crumbles. I have yet to read a review of a LED based set and was interested to see what the folks at C|net thought. The overall feeling is that LED based sets are not quite worth the high price they demand right now. I am sure competition will bring this down in time.

From the article: 

The HL-S5679W has the same single 1080p (1,920×1,080) native resolution DLP chip that's
used in other many rear-projection HDTVs, such as Samsung's own HL-S5687W. That
level of native resolution should be enough to resolve every detail of 1080
resolution HDTV sources. As usual, all other sources, whether they be from HDTV,
standard TV, DVD, or computer, are scaled to fit the native resolution.

In terms of conveniences, the HL-S5678W comes well-equipped, starting with a
versatile picture-in-picture
mode that offers side-by-side options as well as the ability to watch the PC
input along with other sources. The company threw in the requisite ATSC tuner as well as a
CableCard slot, the latter
allowing you to watch digital and high-def cable without a box if you can stand
to lose such niceties as the cable company's EPG and/or DVR. Samsung also
included the TV Guide EPG for use with the Card. Other notable extras include a
freeze mode to still the onscreen action and a USB port for connecting with a
thumbdrive to display JPEG photos or play MP3 music via the TV.