Fox Announces New Blu-ray Titles, Launches Website

Early adopters rejoice, Fox has announced several new Blu-ray titles and a wesbite to boot. The titles mentioned in the article are: The Sentinel, Entrapment, Rising Sun, From Hell and Flight of the Phoenix. There is no word if the titles will be 1080p, also there are no details on the soundtrack.

From the article:

These latest Blu-ray announcements come via Fox's new Blu-ray promotional site,, which launched over the weekend. Though a bit sparse at the moment, the new online destination is expected to be expanded over the coming weeks with more extensive title information, as well as announcements of upcoming releases.

We've added new listings for all five of Fox's new offerings, including box cover art, to our complete Blu-ray Release Schedule. Stay tuned for further specs to be announced in the coming days