Pioneer PDP-42MXE10 42″ Plasma TV

Pssst.. Pass it on! Secrets Of Home Theater And High Fidelity have a review of the Pioneer 42MXE10 Plasma TV. The main attraction for this TV is the support for multiple frequencies. It has proper support for 50, 60, 48, 72 and 75 Hz. This will certainly attract the globetrotters among us who have to deal with varying broadcast frequencies and frame rates.

From the article: 

42MXE10 does not "officially" support these. Unofficially, using the service
menu (available to custom installers through hard pressing DISPLAY and then
pressing the MENU button) offers the ability to remove the judder that
typically gets introduced in the FRC (Frame Rate Conversion) portion of most
plasmas for any rate other than 60/59.94 Hz. This allows the MXE10 to support
proper judderless 50 Hz, and is in fact the first plasma I have ever tested
capable of doing this with no visible banding at the display's native rate!