Klipsch iGroove HG Speaker System

You can hardly walk five feet without finding something to stick your iPod into. This non-iPod news guy is simply amazed at the accessory love the iPod gets. I tried to find a FM transmitter for my generic DAP and everything I found had big bold iPod stickers all over it. Seeing reviews like the iGroove system does make me want to cross the path and jump on the several year old bandwagon. This stylish set of speakers can be had for about the price of an iPod itself. The reviewer appears to like the sound but the style is what seals the deal.

From the article: 

I spent several weeks listening to a diverse selection of music in a
wide variety of locations.  I was immediately struck by the fact that
while the unit sounds good almost anywhere, the placement can have a
dramatic effect on the sound quality.  One thing you will not find
lacking in this unit is bottom end.   Very punchy and rich, the lows
that this thing generates will have you scratching your head.  I do NOT
suggest putting the unit in a corner of a small room.  I tried this in
our master bathroom, putting it in the corner on the countertop near
the sink.  The bass was just way too boomy.  (And I don’t know about
you, but my bathroom is boomy enough…)