DIRECTV’s New HD DVR: One Man’s View

TVPredictions has a one page review of DirectTV's new HD PVR. They are not convinced its ready for prime time mainly because of the instability while attempting to record something. No matter the bells and whistles, if a recording is missed there is hell to pay from the significant other.

From the article:

Overall, I'd have to say it's a mixed
blessing thus far. It sure is nice to have local HD signals again, but using
this new box is going to require some patience until they get more of the bugs
out of the software.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention one of the
best new features. With TiVo, whenever you went into the menus to set up
recordings or change settings, you lost the live TV picture you were watching.
You were either in live TV or in the menus. The new DVR puts the live picture in
a small box at the top right side of the screen, so you can continue getting
audio and video while you're fooling around. Nice touch and something TiVo
should have done years ago.