Data over power line kicks into high gear

I am always very skeptical when a company claims great networking performance over powerlines. As we have found out in the past, the only way to achieve these lofty goals is to have the components networked in the same room. The new spec is supposed to be much more resistant from interference from other household products. There is nothing worse then grandma switching on her hair dryer to cause drop outs of Ernest Saves Christmas. Only time will tell if this is true!

From the article:

The solution to the problem seems much easier than previously thought.
HomePlugAlliance consists of dozens of members from the networking
industry, and this industry consortium just brought out new spec.

PowerLineEthernet (PLE) is offering fantastic speed of 200 Mbit/s, or
equal to full-duplex 100Mbit Fast Ethernet. This is more than enough
for streaming any of the current HD formats.