Before You Buy an LCD Flat Panel Television

Ahh I love these back to basics type articles. has a good article detailing what you need to know before you go out and make your LCD purchase. Beware there are lots of cheap LCDs on the market that may look tempting but may come back and bite you in the ass afterwards.

From the article:

Viewing Angle

Make sure you can view the
image on the LCD TV from the sides as well as the from the prime
viewing area. LCD TVs typically have a good side-to-side viewing angle,
with many going as wide as 160 Degrees, or about 80 degrees from the
center viewing spot.

If you find that the image begins to fade or becomes unviewable within
45 degrees from either side of the center viewing spot, then it may not
be a good choice where you have a large group of viewers sitting in
different parts of the room.