Arcam FMJ AV9 7.1 Surround Sound Processor:

Going from a back to basics article to a $6k surround processor review is a bit like going from 0-60 in two seconds. However, I have the nerves of steel to do bleeding edge news coverage like this. I have yet to really think out side the integrated realm myself, but seeing quality products like the AV9 from Arcam paired with the right amplifiers sure make it tempting to look into the seperate world. The AV9 does very well in the listening tests, but for the price I just don't find enough functionality to truly sway me. Perhpas that is the integrated receiver guy talking in me.

From the article:

Here is the more serious beef: The AV8 and
9 don't have enough optical digital inputs. There are two. There are five
coaxial S/PDIF (RCA connector) digital inputs. The
two optical connections would almost be enough for me given that they can be
re-assigned. That is, the two optical inputs, currently assigned to the
Satellite and VCR should be able to be reprogrammed to different inputs.
I tried reprogramming the VCR input to correspond to the DVD button, but the
menu page that allows for this reprogramming does not allow 'DVD' as an
option. I have circumvented this problem either by using the coaxial
digital connection from my DVD player if it has one or using a separate
coaxial to optical converter if it doesn't. Better if the AV9 just had an
optical connection for DVD audio or allowed reprogramming of the spare it
does have. Of course, I could just plug my DVD player into the VCR input,
and remember that VCR really means DVD, but, again, it's annoying.