SaskTel Deploys HDTV over IP

This story gets a posting just because I grew up in Saskatchewan:). Not much to tell here except that they will be rolling out 27 HDTV programs with their IPTV rollout. Considering that Saskatchewan as an entire population of 1,000,000 people, this is a pretty major deal. I don't expect to get IPTV in a city of 300k in California for several more years.

From the article:

SaskTel will provide 27 HD channels as part of the company's IPTV rollout in Canada under the Max HD Ultimate plan.

Costing $59 per month (for four months), the package includes 27 Max HD channels and much more.

Technical suppliers for the service include Alcatel, 2Wire Inc.,
Widevine Technologies, Tandberg Television, Motorola and Kasenna Inc.