Xbox360 HD DVD Playback

Details on laucnh date and pricing are a little slim, however, EngadgetHD have a bit more information regarding the technical abilities of the Xbox 360 HD DVD player. The good news is that it will support 1080P HD DVD and convert all other formats to 1080p. To get that 1080p output, you will require VGA hookup, if not you are stuck in 1080i land for HD DVDs and 480p for standard DVDs.

From the article: 

To get 1080p output for movies, you must use a VGA cable, which is not subject
to the same copyright restrictions. This just means the Xbox 360 is just like
every other HD DVD and Blu-ray player on the market, but you wouldn't know that
by reading Microsoft's press releases yesterday. If you ran out and bought a
1080p HDTV yesterday don't return it just yet, you should be able to get equal
picture quality to 1080p if your TV processes the incoming signal correctly, and
if it supports 1080p via component you can still play upconverted and
native-1080p games . We're still waiting to hear exactly how HD
DVD's advanced audio capabilities
will be handled by the 360 and oh
yeah…a US price, please Microsoft?.

Interesting times when your gaming console could be the center of your HT.