Phillips 3D-HDTV

Boy oh boy, I am not sure if 3D HDTV is a blessing or hindrance to
the Adult Entertainment Industry. No matter how you slice it, every
reporter with a sense of humours is going to mention something about 3D
and body parts. Getting to the technology of the matter, Phillips has
found a way to get rid of those crummy glasses once and for all.
Details are a bit sketchy at the moment, but we do know the 3D effects
come from a specialized lens technology. 


So, you think HDTV is hot stuff? Hold your horses! Philips is
demonstrating what it claims is practical 3D-HDTV for consumers. Using new
technology, Philips has figured out a way to get rid of those cumbersome
glasses. For more on this exciting development and when you may be able to get a
3D-HDTV for yourself, check out the report posted by TV Predictions.