New Affiliate Links to Support This Site

Hi folks, just wanted to take a moment to update folks on what keeps the site alive, beautiful wonderful affiliate advertising. The Amazon, Newegg and any other product links you see throughout the site help support the costs associated with running this website (whenever you purchase something that you clicked through to the store from our site we earn a small percentage of that sale).

As we are now using Skimlinks our links have changed, so please update your bookmarks if you had saved them for Amazon and Newegg to reflect the new ones. Thank you to all for your continued support!

  • On a similar note.  If you do

    On a similar note.  If you do use Adblock or a similar application, please consider whitelisting Missing Remote.

    I was an Adblock user for many years but gave it up a couple years ago in favor of not going to sites that were overpowered with advertisement.  Reminiscing aside if any readers feel the ads here are too much, please PM me or Mike–feedback is always welcome.  (I still use FlashBlock though… Flash over RDP sessions is painful at best)

    On a side note, we are working on a few design tweaks to make the site more forum-friendly and easier to navigate (i.e. user control panel is a spot you’d expect).

  • I agree 100% on not using

    I agree 100% on not using Adblock software. Since I do not pay for the content available on most sites, I want to support their efforts. If a site has flyover ads or something terrible, I don’t go back and encourage everyone else to do the same. This will send a much stronger signal than using Adblocking software.