Home Theater Hifi Looks at Screen Goo

I’d written off the possibility of getting a projector because in my house anything that requires putting holes in the walls or ceilings is off-limits.  So  it’s really cool to find out that products like Screen Goo exist – now I just need to convince the wife 🙂 Screen Goo is a specially formulated line of acrylic paint products designed […]

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SageDCT – Public Release

Two weeks ago I teased SageTV users with a screenshot of a Copy-Freely CableCARD content recording.  As tough as it might have been to wait; it’s now over and I think SageDCT is stable enough to share with everyone. For those who don’t have the hardware, but are interested in seeing SageDCT in action.  I made a short video demonstrating […]

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Beginner’s Guide to HTPC Basics


Continuing our series of Beginner’s Guides for HTPC and Home Theater, this guide offers ten basic tips for getting your HTPC up and running smoothly.  Most of these were learned the hard way, hope that sharing means you don’t have to 🙂 1. Dedicate a physical drive for recording TV: Recording and scanning big TV files for commercials hits a […]

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Intel Sandy Bridge: Core i5-2500K and DH67BL Motherboard

When Intel gambled by packaging its graphics processing unit (GPU) with the central processing unit (CPU) in last year’s Clarkdale the home theater PC (HTPC) niche benefited immensely from the power saving, performance gain and features like HD audio bit streaming provided by the new platform.  The bet obviously paid off, because this year’s Sandy Bridge melds the GPU and […]

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GeForce GT 430

NVIDIA was the first to bring 3D Blu-ray (BD) via native HDMI 1.4 to the PC, coupled with HD audio bit stream support in the GTX 460, GTS 450 and GT 430 family of GPUs the home theater PC (HTPC) market has become much more interesting for the enthusiast.  A few weeks back MissingRemote took a look at the GTS […]

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OrigenAE M7 – Stereo Amplifier


Home theater PC chassis manufacturer OrigenAE has consistently produced some of the most lust worthy high-end cases available on the market today.  Intended as a companion to their M10 mini-ITX enclosure, the M7 integrated stereo amplifier marks the company’s first foray into the audio space.  Offering impressive specifications at an MSRP of $595 this little aluminum enclosed 25W hi-fi is […]

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Sony NSZ-GT1 Reviewed at AnandTech

I’d love to see sales numbers for the NSZ-GT1 and Revue; can’t think the are very good because Sony dropped the price $100 a few days ago.  Besides AVRs I think Blu-ray players have the most potential as GoogleTV devices, but I have to wonder if GTV have the chops to make it in a crowded over-the-top apps market.  What […]

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ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5


Introduction It is not that often that we get a chance to take an early look at the next generation of Blu-ray (BD) playback software for the home theater PC (HTPC) so when ArcSoft offered us the chance to review TotalMedia Theatre 5 (TMT5) we could not say no, even though the timeline was very aggressive.  To help account for […]

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