Boxee Box D-Link DSM-380


As we can see from the video Boxee provides an excellent first experience with the device with friendly retail packaging and includes an HDMI cable so most users will be able to get started when they bring it home. Device Love it or not, the Boxee Box is certainly unique–sure to stand out in any environment.  How desirable that is […]

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AMD 5 Series GPUs Support 3D Blu-ray


I haven’t had a chance to go through AMD’s driver release notes to find out when they snuck frame sequential 3D Blu-ray support in for their 5 series cards, but I can can confirm that it works, at least for the 5550.  This page indicates that the whole lineup is supported, starting with the 5450.  So if you have a […]

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cnet Reviews Panasonic’s GT30 PDP

Last years GT25 was a decent set, but the general consensus was that it straddled unnatural space between the G25 and VT25 with a price that wasn’t quite right given the feature set.  With a year to correct that, maybe 2011 is the GT30’s time to shine. Panasonic has consistently been among our favorite televisions over the last few years, […]

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CyberLink PowerDVD 11


Spring is here, so as usual it is time for CyberLink to release an updated version of PowerDVD (PDVD) making this number 11.  With PDVD 10 already a solid product we were not expecting a revolutionary shift in the Blu-ray (BD) playback software, so the rather evolutionary changes brought to the updated application including better 3D support, a richer media […]

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2011 Denon CI Models Announced

In itself, there isn’t much newsworthy in a product announcement of an updated line of AVRs, but the expansion of the CI (custom integrator) features downward towards consumer pricing is – and hopefully the beginning of a trend.  One of the main reasons I’ve been eying the current generation AVR-3311CI vs. the non-CI models are its RS232 and Ethernet (including […]

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HD Guru Prioritizes HDTV Features

For those looking for more guidance than “get the biggest plasma you can fit in the door” the HD Guru hits the feature list and helps break them down into easy buckets.  Most of it won’t come as a surprise if you keep current, but it is a great read for those just getting started.  There’s a lot to consider […]

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Installing Pace RNG110 Set Top Box FireWire Drivers


As anyone who has used a set top box (STB) with infrared (IR) blasters can attest; while they work most of the time even a minuscule failure rate is not acceptable with spouse acceptance factor (SAF) on the line.  So when something besides IR is available to execute channel changes is available, the additional reliability is a welcome addition.  So […]

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HD Guru Explains Projectors

The cost and installation considerations have made direct view displays a much more appealing alternative in my home theater right now,  but at some point (maybe when the kids get old enough that I can “multi-purpose” the family room) I’d love to have a nice projector.  If you’re at that stage, and like me, need a good refresher on the […]

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