How to: Create a Mac Mini Media Center

When I first saw this on my blogroll, I got excited and assumed it was using Mac OSX and being a HTPC…but the guys at WGS have a different twist and have gotten a new Mac Mini with the purpose of putting on Windows Media Center–sorry Plex fans! Near the top of the tree in terms of small footprint performance […]

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ArcSoft to Debut Total Media Theatre 5

We don’t normally publish Press Releases, but this is definitely something to look forward to given the number of readers using TMT as their preferred Blu-ray software. Optimized for compatibility with the new AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics, TotalMedia Theatre 5 will officially be released this holiday season with the following features: Plays Blu-ray 3D™ movies and converts 2D […]

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Big Screen byRemote 1.0a Launched

Great news from BigScreenGlobal–not only has Big Screen byRemote reached an official 1.0 version, but Niall is giving away the basic version for free. No news yet on the additional features which will be coming soon at additional cost. Big Screen byRemote allows you to schedule recordings for your Media Center PC’s–think MSN Remote Record or Webguide, but Microsoft can’t […]

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Vidabox vCase3 – Slimline HTPC Case


When building a Home Theater PC, the case is quite possibly the most long lasting component and one that if chosen smartly can be used for build after build. While you may swap tuner cards, motherboards, video cards, and more, a good case will provide a foundation for your HTPC builds year after year while looking smart in your family […]

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Zalman VF3000F VGA Cooler

If you’re looking for some more powerful HTPC card but still want the quiet factor, an aftermarket VGA cooler is a great idea. Zalman’s been doing this for a while and know what they’re doing still it seems. Nvidia’s Fermi core runs hot, and stock coolers are fine if you can get used to their loud and whiny operation. But […]

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Full Seasons Ordered for Five CBS Hits

On the heels of seeing the news from NBC and ABC’s renewal or cancellation of series, here’s the latest from CBS and five shows which have lived to fight at least a full season. I have to admit to laughing at #R%* My Dad Says…and as much as HATE to admit it, Hawaii Five-O has been pretty entertaining as well. […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, October 21st 2010

Here’s the roundup of podcasts in the past week…Enjoy! Is Ceton’s TV Tuner shipping? Should I upgrade my upscaling DVD Player? Top 5 Alaskan movies. Are soundbars a good option for my system? And the Blu-ray releases for October 19th, 2010. [HD Nation] The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 109 Engadget HD Podcast 220 The Movie Podcast: Oct 18th, 2010 […]

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Diamond HD Mini Media Player


Have you ever been on the road and wanted easy access to your content on that hotel TV or that projector at work and didn’t want to mess around hooking up your laptop? Want something ultra-portable,low cost and just works? The Diamond HD Mini Media Player (MP700) just might be that player you are looking for. Hardware Specifications Specifications:  Product […]

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MythTV .24 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

Tim passed along this new release from the MythTV folks for those of you enjoying this free HTPC software on Linux. Looks like some big strides. MythTV .24 will include exciting new features such as a completely rewritten and themeable OSD (On Screen Display), support for 24 bit audio and HD audio formats, initial Blu-ray disc support, experimental support for […]

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Ceton InfiniTV 4 Tuner Sharing via Network Bridging


For those that missed their podcast last night, Josh and Adam from The Digital Media Zone announced Network Tuner Sharing working in the latest Ceton InfiniTV4 Beta firmware. While we can’t comment too much on the implementation, I can confirm that it has been working well. Not only that, but it works on W7, Vail and Windows 2008 R2. I know […]

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