How to: Create a Mac Mini Media Center

When I first saw this on my blogroll, I got excited and assumed it was using Mac OSX and being a HTPC…but the guys at WGS have a different twist and have gotten a new Mac Mini with the purpose of putting on Windows Media Center–sorry Plex fans!

Near the top of the tree in terms of small footprint performance is Apple’s Mac Mini – at $699/£649 it’s a premium option for sure, but Cupertino’s mid-2010 refresh of the model has produced a strong hardware specification in a tiny aluminium chassis that would look the business in anyone’s TV cabinet. There are compromises for sure – no internal Blu-ray drive (although you could attach an external drive via USB), a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor rather than Intel’s new Core i3/5/7 processor family, and a rather sparse package from Apple that lacks keyboard, mouse and HDMI cables. But Apple do design fantastic hardware, so with a little love, the Mac Mini can make a cracking Media Center PC.


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