Sanyo PLC-WTC500L LCD Multimedia Projector Review

At $7000, this projector is probably not in most of our futures, but the idea of a dual lamped projector is pretty clever. And it seems to do a solid job as well. Audioholics Continuing our look at presentation projectors, we took a look at the Sanyo PLC-WLC500L, a unique dual lamp system that is designed for flexible installation, high […]

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Netflix’s Streaming service screaming along


Pretty interesting statistic. I’m not at all surprised though given the unlimited usage model. Pay attention and you’ll see DVD rentals are still rising, it just so happens that so too is streaming. Which if you figure you have to watch something while you wait for new movies, sorta makes sense.   FeedFlix We’ve posted in the past about Netflix’s […]

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Wii Netflix Hits the Mail

Well, if you have still been holding out to view Netflix movies on your Wii (anyone…anyone?), then you’re in luck! Looks like Netflix has finally started shipping the disc to allow you to do what you’ve been able to do on PS3’s, XBox’s and your HTPC for a long time now.

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Thursday Podcast Roundup, March 25th 2010

OK, back on regular schedule for this week’s podcasts! Man and look there’s still plenty to enjoy! The Media Center Show #249 – By Remote Returning to the show this week is Windows Media Center MVP Niall Ginsbour talking about his remote scheduling application called “By Remote”. The application enables you to schedule recordings and browse the EPG remotely from […]

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Toshiba Announces 750GB, 1TB 2.5-inch Hard Drives

I know it’s not solid state, but for years before SSD even existed we HTPC users loved using 2.5" hard drives in our systems due to the lower noise they generated and the space saving. Now you can have those and still enjoy 1tb of space! No mention on price, but my guess–expensive. ExtremeTech The MK7559GSXP will have a capacity […]

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TiVo Premiere review


Here’s one of the first reviews of the much hyped TiVo Premiere, which isn’t all glory a gusto. It’s not all bad, but it’s definitely not all amazing like the marketing team had hyped up unfortunately. The good news is you know TiVo will continue to improve on the new interface, but judging by the original sneak pictures, some of […]

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TechNet Flash: Preview Internet Explorer 9

While not directly HTPC related, I thought it was news worthy especially hardware-accelerated goodness and potential Media Center integration (ok that is far-fetched).   I wub my Chrome but will definitely be trying IE9 preview.    Check out the new capabilities of the next Internet Explorer, with the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview. Find demos of HTML5 and the hardware-accelerated performance with […]

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Flowchart of the Day – Should You Buy an iPad?

Since no day is complete with out a good dose of flowcharts, Missing Remote brings you a link to a flowchart we didn’t create. However, we did think you might enjoy it. Hence, you should probably follow the link below. BBspot If you’re having trouble deciding whether to buy an Apple iPad or not, use this handy flowchart to make […]

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Coming soon: 50% lighter LCD TVs

LCD’s are already fairly light, so this would be pretty surprising if it hit mainstream since I don’t think there’s a *huge* demand to make them any lighter, but it’s cool to see them innovating. I mean, if they’re going to sell me a lighter TV, I’ll take it and my back will appreciate it! CrunchGear But according to the […]

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