Thursday Podcast Roundup, March 25th 2010

OK, back on regular schedule for this week’s podcasts! Man and look there’s still plenty to enjoy!

The Media Center Show #249 – By Remote

Returning to the show this week is Windows Media Center MVP Niall Ginsbour talking about his remote scheduling application called “By Remote”. The application enables you to schedule recordings and browse the EPG remotely from phone or browser via a Silverlight client, its great to see Niall back developing Media Center solutions and By Remote looks very cool


Seen in HD 27 – Compression, BBC’s Life, (500) Days of Summer review

A fun, different and quirky take on romantic movies (the film opens with the statement “This is not a love story”). Great soundtrack, solid visuals and audio (though the audio is mostly front-loaded) makes for a recommended rental for sure.


Engadget HD Podcast 184 – 03.23.2010

After our Lost discussion last week, we’re right back at it with Avatar Blu-ray & DVD release news to open this week’s show. That’s just the start for 3D news, with new content and providers popping up almost daily, but how much will it all cost? After that we dig into the latest updated on Netflix streaming for the PC and why we’re not worried about ICT. After that there’s cable news with compression, CableCARD and TiVo before some healthy unfounded speculation about what Google can do to the set-top box market. Finally we figure out if people really do love NBC’s Olympics tape-delay and who is (or is not) watching Life on discovery, and why.


HD Nation » Episode 37: $999 1080p Projector

$999 1080p Projector: Optoma’s HD20 Reviewed. Try Out 3D HDTV Near You, Best Blu-ray Review Websites, The $2,000,000 HDTV!


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HTPCentric Episode 01: The Return

It’s time for a new show here at The DMZ! While Entertainment 2.0 covers the Media Center community, there are a lot of other options out there when it comes to HTPC software. Add in hardware, storage and customization, and we decided it was time to provide the rest of the Home Theater PC users out there a show they can enjoy! As such, we’ll be covering Media Center, SageTV, MythTV and other HTPC software. As well, we’ll do our best to get you the info you need to make hardware decisions.

Home Theater Geeks 13: Plasma Geek Out

Scott looks at the history and latest developments in plasma display technology. Guest: Josh Kairoff, Chief Technologist for Display Engineering Inc.