Netflix Streaming Video Bandwidth Cost

Ever wonder how much Netflix’s bandwidth costs them? Keep in mind, these fees are in addition to the royalty license they pay the movie studios. Maybe this is why HD on the PC is in no rush for them?   Streaming Media Lately, Akamai has been giving some large companies like Netflix a very discounted rate if the customer agrees […]

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Gizmodo Battles out the $600 Receivers

Oh to have the connections to pull together a shootout like this! Nowadays $600 can go an awful long way for an AV Receiver for your home theater setup, so Gizmodo sets the challenge and shoots away. It should be noted that there’s almost always a bias when it comes to these types of devices, but they tried to be […]

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3.  Replace this text with your own comments about the article here.  Feel free to write as much commentary as you think is warranted. 5.  Paste catchy quote or quotes from article here. [6. Replace w/name of site quoted]   Instructions: First:  Edit this template and COPY the entire top box (the "Intro Text") to a NEW, blank post.  DO […]

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Rogue satellite could kill cable programming

In case anyone loses their cable on or around May 23 for a while, this may be the cause.  All I can say is "Oops, our bad".  🙂 Intelsat has confirmed that Galaxy 15 is still transmitting signals to Earth and it’s slowly but surely entering the orbit of AMC 11, a satellite owned by SES World Skies, that handles […]

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ABC may be removed from Cablevision on Sunday

It would seem that ABC and Cablevision are have another lover’s quarrel.  You know what that means…  That’s right, Cablevision’s paying customers will probably be made to suffer! The dispute centers on whether Cablevision should start paying fees to carry WABC-TV as part of its basic package. The dispute has been festering for two years, the station said, and it’s […]

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March 2nd Blu-ray Releases

Light week this week for releases, but a couple gems. I’m old enough to remember The Neverending Story, a classic fairy tale story with a kid who rides a big dog and battles something evil I don’t remember. Clash of the Titans has recently enjoyed some news on a remake, but not sure how well the original will hold up […]

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