Gizmodo Battles out the $600 Receivers

Oh to have the connections to pull together a shootout like this! Nowadays $600 can go an awful long way for an AV Receiver for your home theater setup, so Gizmodo sets the challenge and shoots away. It should be noted that there’s almost always a bias when it comes to these types of devices, but they tried to be as neutral as possible. The winner might surprise you.


Spending $500 to $600 will get you a receiver that will use a microphone to listen to itself, configuring and equalizing up to seven speakers and a subwoofer. It will switch between at least four HDMI sources and a lot more analog devices, and send everything off to the TV upconverted to HD resolution through a single HDMI cable. The feature sets of competing models are so similar that it can be tough to tell them apart, so I called in the four best in this price range—from Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer and Yamaha—to help you make your decision. As it turns out, the decision was easy.