3DTV Shipments to Hit 46M by 2013

This is another one of those things that will probably happen, but I’m not all that excited. But I am not opposed to improving the overall features of our displays, especially if the cost is minimal–similar to how Blu-ray players now all seem to include online video technology integrated. i4U According to research firm Gigaom 3DTV shipments are set to […]

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Enhancing The Windows Media Center Experience

Here’s a cool little summary of where we’ve come with Windows Media Center and then some must have additions and tools to improve the overall Media Center experience. It just goes to show that MCE is more flexible than most people would think, coming from Microsoft and being relatively locked down. Benchmark Reviews The proliferation of multimedia audio and video […]

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October 6th Blu-ray Releases

A lot of movies coming out this week on Blu-ray, but not a lot in the form of must see’s. If you’re a Jack Black, maybe you’ll enjoy Year One more than I did. I thought it was watchable, but that’s mainly just due to Michael Cera–the acting was pretty bad, especially the random accents. Outside of that, there’s not […]

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LG BD390 Review


Here’s something revolutionary–a blu-ray review on a player that….ready for this…plays blu-ray discs. Sorry folks, no YouTube, Vudu or any other online streaming video with this box. Up to you if you think that’s a good or a bad thing, but apparently this does a good job of doing..it’s job.   InsideHW One of the first features, that caught our […]

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X10 iconRemote RF Universal Remote Review


Pretty snazzy little remote from X10, which not suprisingly works wonderfully with wireless X10 home automation devices. Of course, you will need to buy all the various X10 controllers to fully utilize this, but a lot of people have already done that. Not sure I’m ready to trade in my Harmony for this, but at only $100 it’s pretty reasonable. […]

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