LG BD390 Review


Here’s something revolutionary–a blu-ray review on a player that….ready for this…plays blu-ray discs. Sorry folks, no YouTube, Vudu or any other online streaming video with this box. Up to you if you think that’s a good or a bad thing, but apparently this does a good job of doing..it’s job.



One of the first features, that caught our eye upon opening “the box”, was existence of 7.1 audio outputs. As far as we know it, this is the first device, other than PC sound cards, that has such outputs. Of course, problem is that 7.1 surround systems are still rare, but at least when, and if, they become popular this player will support ‘em. Nevertheless, setup allows 5.1 surround setting, or even stereo as a matter of fact, so no worries there. A little oversupply never hurts anyone. Second feature that surprised us was presence of Wi-Fi module. Wireless antenna is hidden in the player itself so no black (of white) plastic antennas will stick at the back. Connection to any wireless access point is simple, while easy procedure of connecting can be done in a matter of seconds (well, minutes), and player will have access to local network shared files and internet.