A peek under the hood: Windows Media Center’s PVR in Windows 7

Richard, from the PVR Team within Microsoft’s Media Center world has taken the time out to write a nice introduction to the technology behind the recording technology behind the upcoming operating system. Most of it will be rehash for most people, but for newcomers it should be a welcome introduction.


Conflicts happen when more shows have been requested to be recorded than tuners are available for a given time period. So a typical system may have 2 tuners installed and if 3 shows need to be recorded at the same time, one of the shows will not be recorded. First of all shows will be recorded by their priority and then the PVR will attempt to see if an alternate airing is available. If there is an alternate then the conflict can be auto resolved. The show which couldn’t be recorded at the original time will get a blue ! icon indicating that it will be recorded sometime in the future. Or a yellow ! icon indicating that it will not be recorded. (This doesn’t mean it will never be recorded, only that the current guide doesn’t allow it to be recorded in the near future.)