LG N2B1D NAS With 2TB And Blu-ray Drive Unveiled


Hrmm…why would anyone need a blu-ray drive within a NAS box? You know why!!! Pretty impressive that a company as large as LG has stepped up to the plate here, although 2TB really won’t get you very far if you’re ripp..err..backing up blu-rays.   i4u LG unveils what the company calls the world’s first NAS with a Blu-ray drive. The […]

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nMedia HTPC 6000B Chassis Review


nMedia has really made a name for themselves in a short amount of time by offering solid built HTPC chassis at an affordable rate. This one is much more traditional than their other wooden case, but probably will appeal to a more conservative crowd.   Benchmark Reviews nMediaPC is a company that deals primarily in home theater related products, and […]

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Think yourself a sharper TV picture

Quite an interesting–though, not surprising around these parts–study, to say the least.  QUICK…  hide this study from the cable companies before they decide to simply tell people they’ve improved the quality of the HD they’re seeing:  Dear valued cable customer, you are now receiving Cabletastic Extreme HD Vision-enabled channels.  Enjoy the enhanced picture quality!   …an experiment was conducted to […]

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Blu-ray adoption slightly ahead of DVD’s track

I actually agree with a report, can you believe it? In the DVD prime days, the only alternative was VHS which was just terrible quality. By the time Blu-ray becomes super mainstream, there will be so many other ways to obtain media (Just ask Wal-Mart) that it will never get to the level that DVDs had in their prime. VideoBusiness […]

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Wal-Mart Scales Back DVD Displays

I’m not exactly sure why this is such a "huge" blow to Movie Studios, I think it’s really just the evolution of their content. It’s not like people aren’t buying DVDs now because they’re all pirating them? Instead, they just have so many alternatives to how to view and obtain their content without having to drive to a dreaded Wal-Mart […]

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Viewing Online Content With Zinc

I’m an avid reader of MediaSmartServer.net and their forums, but was quite surprised to see this review up, but it’s very much detailed and feel you would all enjoy it. Zinc is an interesting software for HTPC’s that hasn’t really taken off, but it still provides some nice value and is free after all. It’s main focus is integrating online […]

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