Blu-ray adoption slightly ahead of DVD’s track

I actually agree with a report, can you believe it? In the DVD prime days, the only alternative was VHS which was just terrible quality. By the time Blu-ray becomes super mainstream, there will be so many other ways to obtain media (Just ask Wal-Mart) that it will never get to the level that DVDs had in their prime.


The two formats are nearly running neck and neck, with DVD slightly ahead in the fourth year after introduction if videogame consoles are not included. But with game consoles in the mix, Blu-ray is slightly ahead of DVD at the same point. In 2002 and 2010, which Futuresource has determined as year five for DVD and Blu-ray, respectively, standard-def (including PlayStation 2s) reached 32.6% of households and high-def (including PlayStation 3s) will have reached 34.1%. Although Blu-ray penetration steadily rises through 2013 (year eight) to 67.8%, according to Futuresource, it will never catch up to standard DVD players’ presence in homes at the same point in their lifecycles.