Sony gets jump on Blu-ray iMac with new TV/PC


Looks like a competitor to the imac. The article makes a brief mention of cablecard. Cablecard for $1900?? ARS Like an iMac, the Sony VAIO LT has all of its guts loaded into its monitor. It also has a 1680×1050 widescreen display, Vista Ultimate, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a built-in Blu-ray drive, 802.11n wireless support, and 2GB of RAM. The […]

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Sideshow Remote Available now


Sorry if I did this incorrectly or if this is old news – this is my first time submitting. Alan: Jason, no worries! Thanks for submitting news. It looks like we can finally get our hands on a sideshow remote. If you follow the link, you can get your very own remote for $249. Yow! That is Harmony’esque pricing for […]

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All OrigenAE HTPC Cases 20%-40% Off at PCAlchemy


Lookin’ for a great deal on a case? Well PCAlchemy is having a great sale on their OrigenAE lineup:). Anywhere between 20 to 40% off:). The X10 looks to be an exceptional deal for anyone looking to snag a premium case:). Those 60 mm fans might require a little work but should be ok. forum thread OriginAE cases at […]

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MythTV 0.22.2 Release

We have TWO MythTV users on our staff and I am the one posting this news tidbit. For shame John and Lothar…. For Shame! You will want to head over to for the latest info. The link I supplied here is to the MythTV Wiki for the release notes. MythTV Wiki The major impetus for this release is the […]

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This is what I am talking about


Everyonce in awhile I browse the ‘net to check out what is happening in the software world. Mostly to see if there are any software updates I have missed etc. Of course, I always stop in at the plugin/skin sections and see what is happening there :). While over at Media Portal, I noticed that Harley is at work on […]

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Auzentech Shipping X-Fi Prelude 7.1 Soundcard

Auzentech’s X-Fi based card should hit the streets this week. FloppyHead So why is this a big deal? Computer audio, especially for media centers, has been stagnant. Auzentech is known for developing great cards for media centers. Creative’s X-Fi is a great card for gaming. Auzen X-Fi Prelude should be a good combination of both feature sets.

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Specs for upcoming Shuttle G6 Series

Shuttle has always impressed me with how many features they can pack into those little cases, but I think they’ve really outdone themselves this time. Case Desings * NVIDIA® GeForce 7050PV/nForce 630a chipset * Supports AMD® Athlon[TM]64 X2, Athlon[TM]64 und Sempron[TM] series (HyperTransport 1.0) processors * Up to 4 GB dual channel DDR2-800 RAM (OC to 1066 MHz) * NVIDIA® […]

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