Slower Then A Herd Of Snails Crawling Through Peanut Butter

My apologies for the slow news this week :). I have been distracted/busy. Some of it was real life and of course some of it was the new multi-player tower defense flash game at However, I am soooo over that fad, besides the fact I dream up mazes at night.

In the HTPC world, I have been keeping myself busy getting Clear QAM setup in SageTV. I am only slightly ticked off to learn that Discovery HD is not available. BASTARDS! Free the Discovery channel! I have also had the opportunity to play with the HAVA Platinum HD :). Rather fun I might say. I rather enjoy having streaming TV in the background at work. It doesn’t replace something like Sage Placeshifter or Webguide but for the non-techperson in your life, it certainly is pretty cool.

In other news, Matt is finally setup with a HD test bench. We should be getting some great articles coming out of our US West testing centers ;). John is always hard at work trying to make your experience a better one. As I mentioned last week, John and I (mostly John) are hard at work installing a tags component. The CSS is being somewhat cranky, so bear with us for a bit more. We have some other tidbits at work, but are awhile out.

Let see.. what else… Oh yah, I will be testing a couple of Zalman coolers here in the next while as well. I will report back and let you know how it goes with those :).

Enjoy this last weekend in August :).