SageTV V6.2.5 Beta

A NICE NICE update from Sage ! ClearQAM now has native support with the Hauppauge 1600/1800 and work is underway with the Aver tuner. Windows Updates 1. Added support for HVR-1800 2. Added ClearQAM support for HVR-1600 & HVR-1800 (1800 has undergone limited testing) 3. Added support for AverMedia M780 in Windows Vista (ClearQAM support *might* work in Vista only; […]

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DirecTiVos to Get Updates (For Some Crazy Reason)

Jenny says nothing about this, Mike thinks it’s long overdue and not all that exciting…unless you own one of those boxes still…then you’re probably pretty excited, huh? 😛  Gizmodo For some reason, TiVo and DirecTV are updating the older Series 2 generation DirecTiVos as part of an ongoing agreement to explore bringing "future enhancements" to DirecTV TiVo owners. The improvments […]

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Building An HTPC For $1000


Not so long ago, building a HTPC for a thousand dollars was a relatively easy affair. There were not a lot of hardware choices that made sense for the Media Center Enthusiast. Not so anymore my fine furry friend. Not only has the parts available for HTPC specific requirements exploded, the number of PC options have exploded as well. This […]

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Mike’s Vista Server Box

So in my ideal world, I would have a massive Vista box setup as a server in my closet or basement, somewhere I wouldn’t have to see or hear it, nor would I have to worry about anyone messing with it. Then in each bedroom or living room, I would set up Media Center Extender devices, or even small clients […]

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Contest Winners!

Another week, another couple of contest winners. A big thanks goes out to all who entered. We did a random drawing and the following people won! BobbyJones for his Top Ten HTPC cases submissions Jennyfur for her Joost submission. An email has been dispatched to the email address on the news entry. Please respond to claim your prize!

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