Netflix Takes Serious Hit in Consumer Satisfaction Rankings

Customer satisfaction tracking company, ForeSee, has issued its semiannual report on the top 40 Internet companies. The company with the highest customer satisfaction was Amazon. The company that usually competes with Amazon for that top spot is Netflix, which has slipped down to the middle of the pack after a rocky year of price hikes, abortive attempts to split the […]

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Boxee Updated to Version 1.5, Final Version for Desktops

Boxee 1.5

Team Boxee has announced that version 1.5 of Boxee is now available for PC/MAC/Ubuntu and is being tested by Early Access users on the Boxee Box. Unfortunately, Team Boxee is also announcing that Boxee 1.5 for Desktops will be last version released for computers. Going forward, all of Team Boxee’s attention will be devoted to the Boxee Box. As if to […]

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Plex App Coming for Nook Tablets

Plex on Nook

The folks at Plex have been working hard to get their client on as many platforms as possible, including mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. In the run up to the holiday shopping season, the two biggest Android tablet releases were the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, and Plex was quick to show up in the Amazon Android Marketplace […]

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XBMC 11.0 Eden Beta Now Available


I’ve been awfully excited about XBMC 11.0 Eden since the XBMC team first announced it was starting to come together, and now the team has announced that the beta version of Eden is available for download. They have made some major changes to the orientation of the default skin, Confluence, and have generally been working on making everything faster, smoother, […]

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Verizon Planning Media Servers for FiOS

FiOS Media Server

Verizon FiOS appears set to get out of the set top box business, and into the media server business. Verizon has released a video detailing how they plan on eliminating traditional set top boxes to improve energy efficiency and offer better service by moving to a whole-house DVR/media server conjoined to small extender devices or devices that the consumer already owns […]

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Roundup: Best Streaming Boxes of 2011

Out friends at Zatz not Funny have put together their list of the best media streaming related boxes of the year. When most of us think of media streamers, we tend to focus on video or general purpose streamers such as the WD TV Live or the Boxee Box, but this roundup applies a more nuanced definition and breaks out […]

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LOVEFiLM Signs Sony to Exclusive Content Agreement

Do you remember that scene in Matrix Revolutions where Neo and Agent Smith have their final showdown in the rain and they end up flying at each other, colliding with such force that it generates a shockwave that displaces the rain for miles around? This is the image that has begun to come to mind every time I think about Netflix […]

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