Media Browser 2.3.1 “Titan” is Officially Released

It came later than expected, but the latest version of Media Browser has been released. We posted a little bit about this new 2.3.1 version, codenamed “Titan”, a couple of weeks ago when the Media Browser team first announced the new Media Browser Store. The Media Browser Store has actually been up and running for several days now, but some […]

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Titan Goes Shopping at the Media Browser Store

The next version of Media Browser, codenamed “Titan”, is expected to be released on March 21st. Titan was expected to be relatively minor update, especially compared to the major overhaul that was the recent 3.0 “Draco” release, but now comes word of at least one big change in the form of the Media Browser Store. Ahead of the “Draco” launch, […]

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New MCE Plugin from Revision3


I’ve been a big fan of Revision3 for a while now, although the shortening of HDNation was a HUGE disappointment for me. Still some quality programming in very good quality is now available for use within Media Center. I must say while I’m happy they remembered Media Center, it’s disappointing considering all the other platforms they are in that it […]

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InfiniTV Status Media Center Plugin


See, this is what I love about Media Center. A new cool hardware comes out that blows people’s socks off, and then developers get their passion back for it and start developing cool apps. This little guy is a simple one to let you see the status of your CableCARD tuners. The InfniTV Status Media Center plugin allows you to […]

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Plex Media Center Released for Windows


If you’ve ever looked at potentially using a Mac as your HTPC, then you almost certainly have considered Plex, a gorgeous application based off of XBMC that has always strictly been for Mac OS. Well good news, as they now have a Windows available for your testing and enjoyment. With PC’s, there’s SO many frontends to choose from but Plex […]

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WMC7 TV Recording Schedule Backup


Do you have multiple Win7 Media Center systems around your house or just often get bored and reinstall? If so, you surely have dealt with the PITA that is re-configuring all of your scheduled recordings and your guide data. Well, here’s a little app that’s supposed to fix it. Fair warning, even the developer admits not a ton of testing […]

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MyMovies 4.0 To Support TV Series

This is the beauty of smaller developers versus big corporations, when people are begging for a feature, they can actually implement it! In this case, one of the most popular movie management plugins for Windows 7 Media Center, MyMovies, is teasing about their next release including the oft-requested TV episode support! If you’re interested in being part of the private […]

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Media Browser Updated

Media Browser 2.3.0 is now officially released. The new update appears to offer significant performance improvements along with several bug fixes. I’ve been using Media Browser for the past few months and am excited to try this out. Do you use Media Browser? If so, let us know how the new release is working for you. Thanks to Damian at […]

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HD Home Sports Bar Controlling Multiple Extenders


Now this is friggin cool. Sean sent me the heads up to this wonderful little program called the HD Home Sports Bar he’s been working on that allows you to control multiple TVs/Extenders from a single interface. Why you may ask? For the same reason I’ve always wanted PiP in Media Center–SPORTS!! But he says he also uses it for […]

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