New MCPL Online Spotlight Apps

Those of you using Vista I'm sure have seen some of the new Online Spotlight apps such as Fox Sports Lounge, which just look so slick & make it feel like a true part of Media Center. I kinda woulda preferred Microsoft's launch to have all these new features ready AT LAUNCH, but I guess the trickle-effect does allow for […]

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MCESoft Updates MCE Plugins

Just the beginning in what I'm sure's a bunch of developers updating their software to work with the slick new Vista plugin interface. Here we've got the following now working in Vista: System Monitor for Vista MediaCenter: This HTML Addin collects and displays data from SpeedFan (including System/CPU Temperature info) and displays it in TV + Remote friendly format. RocketBoom […]

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Updated: Big Screen Contacts v0.9.1

Update for the super sexy Big Screen Contacts app. For those that are unaware of what it does: Big Screen Contacts allows you to browse, view and search your Contacts via your TV (via 10' MediaCenter interface) – and integrates with Windows Contacts provided by Windows Vista. Via Windows Contacts – you can also import contacts from Microsoft Office 2003/2007, […]

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Intelligent Recording for MCE


Chris caught word of an awesome lil MCE plugin which will detect & automatically record TV Shows based on your preferences & ratings. Not sure if it works with Vista, and the style is for XP, but it's awesome if you were looking for something TIVO-like. For the first time, Media Center users can rate their recordings with MyTV Genie, […]

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mceBackup 2.0 Beta Update

Ian must have way too much time on his hands these days, as he continues to update his mceBackup software. This time around: updated mceBackup 2.0 to include backing up of atscchannels.xml, this the manual channel assignment for ATSC tuners Download the latest version here. 

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