Media Browser Updated

Media Browser 2.3.0 is now officially released. The new update appears to offer significant performance improvements along with several bug fixes. I’ve been using Media Browser for the past few months and am excited to try this out.

Do you use Media Browser? If so, let us know how the new release is working for you.

Thanks to Damian at for informing us.


You may have been wondering … where the Heck is Draco?

Well, it was in the oven, baking. It went through the most rigorous testing any version of Media Browser ever did. We had 13 betas and 7 RCs during this process. Some of them were titled “this is really it”, they were not it …

Throughout this process the testers, tirelessly, tested retested and double tested every corner of Media Browser. Tons of bugs were squashed and some very big features built. A huge thank you goes to all the testers!

Another huge thank you goes to Eric (aka. ebr), who made this release happen and is responsible for most of the changes.

The biggest highlight for version 2.3.0 is performance. Media Browser moved to a service based architecture. You asked for it.

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  • Been using Mediabrowser for

    Been using Mediabrowser for over a year now and can’t wait to check this out.  Thanks for the heads up!

  • i love media browser. im

    i love media browser. im looking forward to installing this tonight and seeing whats up.

  • long time mediabrowser user

    long time mediabrowser user and supporter.  installed it early this morning and while i just played around with it for a few minutes, i didn’t notice any appreciable performance increase. Especially with Pearl theme and choosing to index by actors (50,000+).  Takes about a good 20-25 seconds still.

  • Started using this app to
    Started using this app to replace iTunes for Podcast… Started using the interface and now it’s preferred in my house over the native movie app…

  • I just installed this new

    I just installed this new version a little bit ago, and I’m loving it so far.

  • I had used the previous
    I had used the previous version of MB for about a month, but it constantly crashed and I couldn’t isolate the problem. Whenever I scrolled through a folder it would crash within 2 minutes. I uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted all of my metadata and started from scratch among other things. So far, this version is working like a champ. I scrolled through my movie and tv folders for 10 minutes straight and it didn’t even stutter (after all of the metadata loaded). Nice job!

  • I’ve been using Media Browser

    I’ve been using Media Browser for several months, but I could never get it to update the metadata for all of the movies on my server.  Some would have cover art or descriptions or nothing at all.  If I rebooted the PC I’d lose everything and then it would be hit and miss all over again.  With the new version, I now have cover art and descriptions for all my movies. 

    This has been a lifesaver for me with the spouse.  It’s embarassing when we sit down to watch a movie and we scroll through the list and I don’t have a clue what many of the movies are about.  At least now we can both read the description and make an informed decision about what to watch.