BigScreenEPG can now Enable unlimited tuners in MCE

When it rains it pours! Here’s another method of enabling unlimited tuners in Windows 7 Media Center, specifically for you BigScreenEPG users.   Since the cat’s now finally out of the bag – I’m happy to finally be able to reveal the ability to do this has actually been built into Big Screen EPG  for probably 1.5 years now – […]

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Installing an e-Mail Server on Windows Home Server

I hear the question all the time. “Why doesn’t Windows Home Server have an e-Mail Server included?” The answer is simple: Because it ain’t easy to do. Well, let me clarify that. It’s EASY to install and run e-Mail Server software on Windows Home Server. It’s not so easy to get it to work with your ISP, connection, firewall and […]

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Windows Phone 7 Meteor Hub: Media Center Remote application

Hrmm…can your iPhone do this? Pretty cool little app I caught thanks to Ian at TheDigitalLifestyle . Click over the link for a youtube video of it in action. It’s like a sideshow device….about 4 years later. The video gives a short demo of the integrated experience this Windows Media Center remote control application provides, including some gestures, how media […]

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Big Screen EPG Final Version Launched

I’ve been a fan of Big Screen Global products for quite some time, and know how much work Niall has put into the very popular Big Screen EPG app. So great news for fans of it as it has officially been launched as a release version and available now. Users without native MCE Guide data, feel free to applaud now. […]

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Playing Blu-ray under Linux

I sure didn’t think this was possible…should get a lot of people fairly excited if it’s true, since Blu-ray on linux has been a major limitation for as long as I can remember. It’s possible to playback Blu-ray disks under Linux with an open source player lxBDPlayer. There is an Ubuntu/Debian package on the project web site. So, if you’re […]

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My Media Center Helps Protect Your Young Ones


Here’s an interesting app from Martin Milmore, called My Media Center, designed to make your MCE kid friendly. Lots of cool features in controlling what your minors will be able to access on your system. Am I the only one that thinks Microsoft should have done this a LONG time ago? Key Features Decide which channels, videos and DVDs are […]

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Made for Media Center Windows Media Center Addin


It’s been a while since our interview with famed Media Center developer Andrew Cherry on his Made for Media Center project with Ian Dixon, but good news has finally come with the arrival of the 10′ interface. Now you can finally install all these cool add-ins without having to take out your keyboard/mouse! We have been really pleased with the […]

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Introducing Kylo, Another Couch-based Browser


I’m not sure we needed another one of these, but I’m a fan of competition so I say good. Still a bit early to see how dominant it will be, especially given how quickly Hulu shut them down already.   ZNF Similar to software offered by GlideTV and Zeevee’s Zinc, Kylo is a custom Mozilla app designed for couch-based content […]

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