GoogleReader MCE


And continuing on the trend of new MCE plugins, here’s one that ties in the new 10′ interface for Google Reader into Media Center. Kudos to Martin (of TunerFree fame) for his continuing good work!   MillieSoft Of course the ideal place to make use of a 10 foot google reader interface is in Media Center, so GoogleReader MCE is […]

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HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo


Have you not convinced yourself that you NEED a MediaSmart Server from HP based on our Reviews yet? Well, if you’re a TiVo user maybe this announcement will win you over. Pretty fantastic at a fabulous price–FREE! MSWHS HP has just announced the availability of the HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo. This software application lets TiVo owners store movies and […]

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A preview of meta 2.0.

Looks like not much longer til I’m going to have to  update our Movie Manager Battle article . I know Mikinho is actively working on his YAMMM application, and now word that a new 2.0 Release of Meta Browser is scheduled and includes a ton of changes. Going to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how necessary the drag and […]

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Big Screen Launches Webguide Replacement


You may have seen some posts around the internet of some other developers with some "webguide-like" software for remotely scheduling and managing your Media Center recordings, but they all took a fair amount of effort. Well, if you have been intimidated by those, then you’re in luck. Big Screen EPG allows you to do everything you used to love with […]

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Diamond 0.3 Beta theme for Media Browser


Big fan of Media Browser, and so far it’s still free and still improving. Here’s a new theme for it that looks super slick.   TDL Now I know many of you will be thinking backdrop switching? this hardly counts as a new feature and indeed you are right. Media Browser and Diamond for that matter have been using backdrop […]

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Auto Rip n Compress for Windows Media Center

The ability to rip movies to your hard drive is supported in some commercial applications (like MyMovies), but here’s not only a FREE plugin for Media Center to do that, but in addition to ripping it will compress it into a format of your choice, such as WTV so you can view your movies on all your extenders. The Digital […]

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