Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7-55 review


B&O…if you’re out there listening….MissingRemote would *love* to do a review on any of your products!! Here’s a wonderfully in-depth review of the latest BeoVision product, continuing on their initial release quite nicely it seems. Of course it comes at a healthy cost of $18,700!!   Flat Panels HD The picture quality of the BeoVision 7-55 is powered by Bang […]

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Samsung Edges Out TV Rivals

Samsung makes some beautiful TV sets which provide a quality image with an attractive display, at an affordable price. So it’s no surprise that they remain top dog here…although I’d imagine Vizio is nipping on their heels. WSJ Samsung’s TV manufacturing business has nearly doubled in size since 2006—the year it surpassed Sony Corp. to become the world’s biggest seller […]

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Sony pulls plug on OLED TV in Japan

Didn’t I recently see an announcement of something like Toshiba planning on finally RELESING their OLED TV set? And hot after that Sony says they’re dropping it? I guess I’m disappointed but not really surprised given the absurd pricing that surrounded the buzz on the initial tiny models. But still if Sony is getting out of it and it’s a […]

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Epson MovieMate 60 Projector

We don’t see a lot of projector reviews…so while this is not directly geared at HTPC usage, it’s still a sign that there are some good products out there…and at only $700, it’s fairly affordable as well. TestFreaks The Epson MovieMate 60 projector is meant to be a portable all-in-one style product, it even includes a carrying case and a […]

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Panasonic admits plasma TV black level change but says picture quality still ‘excellent’

Now here’s a surprising announcement. Panasonic is answering the question posed by many folks as to the deterioration of the black levels of their plasma sets. Considering the black level debate is one of the top reasons consumers choose plasma over LCD, will be interesting to see the fallout of this. C|Net It admitted that "background brightness will increase" but […]

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Amazing 155-inch OLED from Mitsubishi


Have you guys seen this, 155 inches of OLED glory?!? I doubt this would ever actually see a price tag but it’s a fantastic proof of concept as to the potential of OLED, after we’ve only seen smaller sized ones until now. Start saving those pennies!   Flatpanels HD The imposing OLED screen does have some issues, however, and Mitsubishi […]

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Vizio VF551XVT Review

Here’s a review of a 55" LCD from Vizio. A solid albeit not spectacular piece of equipment. Surprising a unit in this price range does not have internet connectivity, but still looks like a good buy from a reliable brand. Digital Trends The 55-inch VF551XVT is a 1080p set featuring full-array LED backlighting – called TruLED – compared to the […]

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HDGuru’s Report and Analysis-Part 2 Panasonic

Still curious to learn more ins and outs of the upcoming displays coming from Panasonic from CES? Well you’re in luck, as the ever popular HDGuru continues his analysis and covers them in depth. HDGuru Without providing a release date or pricing, Panasonic supplied specifications and features of its four screen size 3D offerings within the top-of-the line VT25 series. […]

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CES 2010 News and Analysis-Part 1 Sony


HDGuru has a fantastic breakdown of all things Sony 3D on their site, covering the changes that are in the new models and which support 3D and which don’t. Quite a lot to choose from, so make sure you don’t confuse your model numbers!   HDGuru Available in the 40″, 46″ and 55″ sizes (Summer, $TBA). These models are also […]

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