NuVision NVU40FX5LS Lucidium Slim 40″ LED TV Review

$3500 is a lot to spend on a 55" TV, but this baby is still pretty sweet and super thin. NuVision U.S. Inc. recently announced the introduction of three new super slim LED edge-lit LCD TV models for the consumer market, namely the Lucidium NVU40FX5LS (40-inch), the NVU46FX5LS (46-inch) and the NVU55FX5LS (55-inch). All three models come in a standard […]

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Check Out the Largest TV in the World

This is just cool. Ridiculously expensive, but still super cool. Now HERE’S a 3D set I might not mind watching. Then again, not sure I even have a wall big enough for this 😛   You also saw our first-glimpse of it at CES 2010 … but it’s worth another look. InfoComm 2010 attendees – even tall ones – had […]

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Panasonic increases production of 3D TVs

With the success of their 3D TVs, Panasonic has decided to manufacture more and more of their 3D TVs. In the television market, Panasonic has managed to successfully make a mark for itself in the Plasma category. From successfully manufacturing televisions to plasmas, Panasonic now intends to focus more on the production of their 3D TVS. Speaking of behalf of […]

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Panasonic 3D VT25 Plasmas Shipping in May

I know we have a lot of people interested in this model, so good news on its upcoming ship date. Hope you’ve been saving your pennies!! And yes, I am jealous! MSRPs on the TC-P50VT25 50-inch model and TC-P54VT25 54-inch model are $2,599 and $2,999, respectively, with availability the week of May 3. There’s no specific date, but the $3,399 […]

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WallStats Goes After Overpriced HDMI Cables


This is a very interesting graphical representation of the fun that is overpriced HDMI cables. Click the link for the full picture. (Thanks to Brent for the link) In this infograph, WallStats is singling out Monster Cable for their pricing, but while they may have created the high-end cable market, Monster is hardly the only company to charge higher prices […]

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Lies, Errors and Myths About 3D-Part 3

HDGuru has a 3-part article covering all sorts of myths and rumors about 3D technology that may be going on in your head. If you’re considering purchasing or interested in one in the future it’s a solid read. Later this year you’ll see glasses-free single viewer, hand held 3D video games and computer monitors since single “sweet spot” viewer positioning […]

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Marvel Comics Officially Licensed TVs


Was anybody craving these? If you are a die hard Marvel fan, and I suppose movie posters were not a sufficient way of showing your devotion…how about a Marvel-branded TV?!? The Marvel heroes are on the bottom of the TV bezel and each TV has a splash screen that shows each time you turn the set on with the super […]

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Samsung’s 3D UN55C8000 Review


If you wanted more detail than you ever thought existed for TV’s, then HDGuru is your man, and he’s got the first 3D set from Samsung up to bat. It does a decent job especially for a first generation product. The Samsung 3D ready sets have the ability to convert normal 2D content into what we like to call “genuine […]

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