Toshiba set to build 55-inch SED TVs

Toshiba has made headway in getting SED TV's to market. The company now has plans to release them to the market in time for the 2007 holiday season. SED TVs are similar to CRT in that electrons are fired at the screen to create images. However, instead of an electron gun, electrons come from nano particles. This allows the TV […]

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Panasonic to launch 1080p LCD projector


Panasonic is hitting the 1080p projecotr by storm this fall with the launch of the PT-AE1000. This bad boy has 2X optical zoom, 1,100 ANSI lumens brightness and a fantastic 11,000:1 contrast ratio. With specs like these, its not hard to guess what sort of price tag you would be looking at. From the article: Picture processing includes 14-bit dynamic […]

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Philips 42PF9831D 42-inch LCD TV Review


I have always wanted to chek out the ambilight series of TVs from Phillips in a controlled environment. Until then, I will satisfy my LCD lust with Pocket Lint's (best name ever) review of Phillips' 42PF931. It is certainly no slouch in teh connectivity arena; it sports HDMI, USB Component and Ethernet. The unfortunate part is that this is not […]

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Samsung HL-S5679W

We are a bit top heavy on display news today, but I guess thats how the cookie crumbles. I have yet to read a review of a LED based set and was interested to see what the folks at C|net thought. The overall feeling is that LED based sets are not quite worth the high price they demand right now. […]

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Sony Bravia KDL-46X2000 46in LCD TV

For all that Sony does wrong these days, they still manage to do some things right. The new Bravia X series is one such example. Priced to match its features ($5000 or so), the 46X2000 comes equipped with two 1080p capable inputs, a couple of component inputs, a PC connection, three Svideo inputs and a digital tuner. From the article: […]

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Panasonic PT-AX100U Review

1080p projector love is still out of the ball bark for many consumers. However, there are many 720p gems on the market that can satisfy the need for a more theater like experience. I am not one to argue with 120" pictures. Coming in at $2000 on the street, the AV1000U has a 6000:1 contrast ratio and 800 to 1400 […]

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Pioneer PDP-42MXE10 42″ Plasma TV

Pssst.. Pass it on! Secrets Of Home Theater And High Fidelity have a review of the Pioneer 42MXE10 Plasma TV. The main attraction for this TV is the support for multiple frequencies. It has proper support for 50, 60, 48, 72 and 75 Hz. This will certainly attract the globetrotters among us who have to deal with varying broadcast frequencies […]

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Phillips 3D-HDTV

Boy oh boy, I am not sure if 3D HDTV is a blessing or hindrance to the Adult Entertainment Industry. No matter how you slice it, every reporter with a sense of humours is going to mention something about 3D and body parts. Getting to the technology of the matter, Phillips has found a way to get rid of those […]

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